The USP of our hosting solution is that you get the power, security and features of a dedicated hosting at prices comparable to shared hosting.

Monitoring Services

24/7 monitoring of server software, hardware or network related service interruptions.

Security Services            

Security is the nightmare of shared hosting servers. We provide services like Firewalls, Anti-Virus, SSL Certificates, PCI Compliance and more ensure that your business is safe and secure. 

Backup/ Storage Solutions

From managed continuous off-site backup to self managed RAID backup, many options are available to protect your important data.

Content Delivery Network on Demand

An extremely fast CDN to serve your content to all points of the global Internet with very low latency.

Control Panels

Industry leading popular hosting control panels.

cPanel, Plesk etc.

E-mail Hosting

Managed email hosting for both Linux and Windows.

Media Server Hosting

Powerful tools to power and manage your audio & video distribution.

Database Hosting

Installation, configuration and management of MySQL or MSSQL databases as well high availability options like database clustering & replication. 

CMS Hosting

Web CMS Solutions provide a dynamic way to easily maintain your website.

E-Commerce Hosting

Web eCommerce solutions provide a wide range of tools to fully manage your online store and shopping cart.

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